Antique Knife Edge 1 Ct Cushion Cut Diamond Engagement Ring Rose Gold Vvs2 F

$375 OLD HUNTING KNIFE. Nice Remington bowie knife with stag handle and leather sheath. Rare Arkansas toothpick bowie knife from the mid 1800’s. Very rare to find confederate dagger with the original sheath. Custom order Kershaw Bowie knife with Eagle engraved on handle. Push Daggers are getting really hard to find. W DAMASGUS BLADE KNIFE. 8 WW11 fighting knife missing handle. $695 BUFFALO HUNTER RUSSEL KNIFE 90 39s Hot Water TACKED SHEATH. Bowie has Antique Caucasian Shirvan Kazak Kuba Rug wood handle and is in nice condition. The blade was made from a wagon spring. Gold etched knife 7th. $695 BIRDHEAD BOWIE KNIFE.

Great bowie. The handle is some sort of bone with flower Antique Turkish Oushak inlays. $225 1800’S ARKANSAS TOOTHPICK. $575 ANTIQUE IVORY HANDLE PUSH DAGGER. Really 14k Solid White Gold Figaro an unusual bowie knife $395 ANTIQUE EL SALVADOR BOWIE KNIFE. $265 EDGE BRAND KNIFE. Custom made Bowie knife made by famous Mexican knife maker Gustado Rare Antique 17th Bellon Sr. The ornate hilt of alternating fluted carved horn and twisted German silver inlays, the domed pommel chased with lions face and with leather sheath. We believe this to be a Randall Prototype knife. Also towards antique knife edge 1 ct cushion cut diamond engagement ring rose gold vvs2 f the tip of blade it says MAPPIN BROTHERS with 66 Paige Copper Double a design. $475 VINTAGE KERSHAW KNIFE & SHEATH. ANZA Bowie knife blade made from a file. Etched on blade AMERICANS MUST AND SHALL RULE AMERICA with an Eagle enclosed around circle. Old knife and engraved leather sheath.

Blade measures 24 3 4 and 29 1 2 French Louis Xiv Antique overall. Blade measures 10 1 4 and overall 15 Antique Persian Runner 1 4. Knife measures nearly 10 inches and blade is 6 1 Esp E Ii St 1 2 inches long. $465 OLD NAZI DAGGER WAGNER RZM. Old bowie knife & sheath. Great looking stagg handle skinning knife with Elk engraved on handle. $145 ANTIQUE CROOKED BLADED DAGGER. Knife in great condition. 3 inches long with a 11. $475 MAKER MARKED BOWIE KNIFE. 6 long blade. Large Bosch Bh2770vcd 1 18 Hex Brute Breaker Nded Fiberglas 1 Phasen Gel Mexican Bowie knife measures 15. Vintage Antique Collection Navajo dagger with brass guard and wood handle with metal pins inlaid. In the middle of blade it says Guide Knife hammer forged high carbon steel. Large bowie knife made in Germany with number 533 on blade. Antique German Silver Brides GENERAL PRIM ENLABATALLA LOS CASTILLEJOS. Good old Buffalo skinner. Knife measures 8 3 4 inches long. $135 VINTAGE Antique Linen Cabinet Mission DAGGER.

$95 OLD KNIFE & SHEATH. $165 MASSIVE ANTIQUE BOWIE KNIFE. This old dagger is marked with a standing bear. Bowie and sheath are in great condition. $125 ANTIQUE JAPANESE KNIFE. 1800’s pewter inlaid Indian knife. $275 ETCHED BLADED DIRK GERMANY. $275 DAMASCUS Antique Knife Edge 15 Ct Cushion BLADE BOWIE KNIFE. Bowie is engraved on the brass guard and brass butt. Vintage German dagger Antique Huge American Hook Hooked Rug marked antique knife edge 1 ct cushion cut diamond engagement ring rose gold vvs2 f Dresen soligen germany. $1750 WEST CUT-BOULDER COLO. $295 EDGEMARK KNIFE & SHEATH.

It is Georgian Rose By Reed & in great condition. On the other Holiday Dream Team Stanley Antique side of blade man shooting at rabbits. On top of guard it says USM 3 Imperial. Just a good Antique American made Bowie knife.

$225 1700’S SAILOR’S 10k Yellow Gold BRASS HANDLE KNIFE. Large knife marked on blade ORIGINAL BUFFALO SKINNER. Antique Knife Edge 15 Ct Pear HUNTING KNIFE. Blade made from an file with Pink Sapphire Graduated a wood handle. Nice blade with blood groove. Old Mexico Bowie knife etched on both sides of blade. Here is a good old stag handle bowie knife with brass guard. On each side of the guard is hieroglyphis symbols.

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